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10 Tips to Streamline Customer Support Ticket Management

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Customer service is priority for business for building long term relationship with customers. Delay in resolving queries of customers can be a serious problem and can adversely affect the business. This makes the customer queue management necessary. It can be possible by the customer support ticket management software that helps in streamlining the whole process. It can be helpful in delivering consistent excellence in customer service.

Customer support ticket management software is typically used for managing customer support request by proper record of customer request. It can be helpful tool for streamlining your customer support through prioritizing request and thereby automating workflow through responding to customer’s queries for improving overall experience of customers.

Benefits of a Ticket Management System

Ticket management system allows you to deliver faster resolutions by finding root causes of the problem. When all the communication is recorded in well-defined way then it becomes easier for you to determine most potent way to deal with your customers.

Following benefits can be seen for service desk ticket handling process through ticket management system:

  • Ticket organization makes easier for routing of customer tickets so that query is routed to specific department for facilitating quick and reliable answers to customers.

  • Customer support ticketing system provides centralised communication point where all the complaints and request can be stored and handled conveniently.

  • It helps in facilitating transparent information to all customers that enhances your relationship with customers.

  • Streamlining customer support through the system can be an efficacious way to save a lot of time and efforts of employees.

  • It offers a simplified process that is easy to use and allow you to respond each query in more personalised way.

  • Ticket management software holds previous records of communication and it is helpful for attending customers who have knocked your doors twice or thrice.

  • It facilitates line system for addressing the needs of customers in a balanced way.

Why Is a Support Ticket Management System Important?

IT help desk management system or customer support ticket management system ensures better service to your valuable clients that ultimately helps your business to grow. Nowadays, more businesses are moving towards customer support ticket management software for serving their customers better and gaining their trust.

Ticketing management can be a good way to scheduling or automating of workflow that makes easier work for customer support agents. They are able to provide better customer care and improve the quality of service being provided to the end customer. Help desk documentation best practices include taking feedback from the customers that in turn improves interaction. By adopting this software, you can avoid confusion over the help desk and facilitate superior service in the best way possible.

Ticket management system has the capability to provide hassle free assistance to customers. But you need to streamline the system for the purpose of smooth operation of the ticketing management software. The following are Ticketing management tips and tricks that you can use for driving consistent results in facilitating service.

10 Tips to Ticketing Management Software

1. Determining Service Level Agreement (SLA)

SLA is associated with formal or informal promise made to customers through identifying what they expect from you. Defining SLA is key for superior customer service that are needed to be aligned with business goals. It can automate the service desk handling process when the time is decided for first response and full resolution time for the customers.

2. Query Queuing through tiered support

Managing customer complaints through tiered support is one of the important ticketing management tip that you can use for streamlining your ticket workflow. For efficient ticketing management, the requests are needed to be transferred chronologically to agents for undertaking layered approach in prioritizing each customer. Tiered support system refers to breaking down of request to different departments so that ticket lands on the concerned department and resolve queries with the help of experienced people.

3. Automation

The manual process of scheduling and operational procedure is tedious and takes enormous time. Through ticket management software you can easily classify task and allow agents to undertake immediate actions such as sending an automated mail or initiate any trigger action instantly. For instance, you can identify time interval trigger of an event that is closely related with the level of complexities related with that issue. All of these things can be incorporated with ticket management software that will adequately streamline customer support.

4. Self Service tools

For effective customer support ticketing management, it can be good if you use chatbots to make communication with customers. Some can include predefined options while some can be AI integrated chatbots that allow you to get better view of customers and suggest them required content. Besides, self-service tools can be utilized for creating a knowledge base so that customers who just want to enquire can land direct option rather than hustling here and there. FAQs are another kind of self-service tools for facilitation of easy navigation of information to customers.

5. Create Predefined Templates

With predefined templates, customer support agents can facilitate quicker response. For every query you receive in your system, you can create a personalized way through chats, text or mails. Automated messages can provide them quick answers and customers can be satisfied in a minute. In such way, complicated issues can be resolved with right attention.

6. Focus on Tagging

Tagging can be one of the best customer service improvement strategies that can be possible through making a short note on every ticket received. Such short descriptions can conceptualize the problem and make better resolution. Tagging done by the ticketing management system can be crucial for better customer satisfaction. Agents get a better view of problem through the past service history and quicker assistance is given to customer.

7. Tracking Status and Monitoring

You need to have a better track of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that will determine the average numbers of tickets received and average number of resolution time taken for solving those queries. Such key areas are routinely monitored and tracked for the purpose of meeting needs of customers. Setting an objective for each member and monitoring their progress upon those goals will motivate them higher to achieve excellence in service.

8. Train and Empower Your Agents

In order to streamline customer support ticketing management system, you need to train new hires properly during onboarding process. Agents are needed to have the spirit to bring customer in confidence and empowering them with right knowledge and skills. Prepare them with simulated tickets before they head for real escalations. Thoroughly review their performance and guide them with the best approach.

9. Track of Ticket Backlog

Having a proper track of the ticket backlog can be a good way to keep your customers. Make sure to clear all the tickets timely so that customers get timely reply and get impressed by the service. Higher ticket volumes on system can also create burden on agents. You need to analyse the data and be aware of the escalations that are repeatedly coming.

10. Collecting feedback from service team

Your customer service agents can be a great source of insights as they are the one who are interacting on daily basis. Gathering feedback from each employee can be time consuming but make sure you do it in perfect way. Internal surveys or town hall meeting can be effective in getting in depth details issues faced by them. Such feedbacks are needed to be given attention for reducing the ticket volume down.

Hence, customer support ticketing management system has the capacity to meet your business goals through better customer satisfaction. When all the tickets are queued properly then agents are able to serve customers in a better way. Streamlining ticketing management system is important to achieve excellence in customer care department. Hopefully, these tips and tricks for managing your tickets are helpful for you to make your customer service better through ensuring quicker deliveries of ticket response.

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