Automate your complete Sales process 

Solution to automate all your processes: inside sales, sales and account management. 

Lets enhance your sales team productivity together 

Intelligent Sales Process

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Lead from all


One platform to manage all your leads from multiple channels


No Follow up is


Reminders, notifications , Task and Meeting Management all features help to keep your follow-ups in the system and never miss any from the list


Measure your team Targets

Measure all your target base like order, revenue and collection from the system and see how team and organization is doing in all the three parameters


Work on qualified Opportunity

Qualify your lead to opportunity with a questionnaire and auto parameters. Only work on qualified opportunities and increase productivity


Manage renewals on time

Automate your renewal process and remind your customer in defined frequency before renewal date 



Actionable & Intelligent reports and dashboards to give complete view of your business in one place. Create your own custom reports in few clicks for getting any additional information from the system

Customer Unified view 

No need to toggle around screens to get customer information

360 degree view to give all important and relevant information about your leads, customer and opportunity in one place.

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Filters, timelines for more user comfort

Filters enables you to sort the data and see exactly what is desired at moment

Timelines informs you on whether your leads and opportunities are moving in right pace or stuck, that will enhance your capability to focus on right direction

Schedule all your tasks, followup & meetings 

Never miss any followup with your customer

Schedule all your task, meetings from Activity calendar . Integrated with google calendar to sync all the data

Schedule all your task, meetings from Activity calendar . Integrated with google calendar to sync all the data


Create Product catalogue and automate your quotations 

Build product catalogue, pricing list and generate quote in few clicks 

Quote builder helps to create quotes with multiple parameters. Maintain versioning of quote, always know how much discount given to close from first quote

Renewals and Order declaration

Create your renewal and your subscription agreements and get auto notification before contract or agreement expires

Declare your capex order and get all information passed to relevant stake holders for further deliverables and closure.


Actionable Reports & Dashboards

Create dynamic reports relevant to your business in few clicks

Dashboards will give you complete image of your orders, revenue , collections, pipelines and projections

Features to make your sales team more efficient

Customer Management

Unified view of Account, Lead and Opportunity to get all information in one screen


Account & Contact Management

Tag your VIP/HNI customer and also categorize your customers 

Team Management

Persona based login - Inside sales, sales and customer success team

Manage sales team target based on parameters like order, revenue and collection


Omni Channel lead management to manage all leads from multiple sources

Qualify all lead through lead scoring and work on qualified leads only

Manage all your upsell and cross sell 

Pipeline Management


Manage all your task and followup in one unified place

schedule all your meetings and send MOM from the system

Create and manage your customer organization chart in B2B case




Create and manage your product catalogue and pricing based on product

Quote builder will help you build your quotes. Manage the version and also run approval cycle

Manage your renewal contracts and orders and notify the relevant teams




Reports designer for custom and default reports

Default and custom dashboards to get complete view of your business

Auto Notification based on your own business needs



Automate your sales process