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Market Research

Do market research through survey and get understanding of our market before your product launch

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Feedback Survey

Take periodic feedback from customer and improve your customers satisfaction.

Instaview365 Survey solution  



Solution has ready APIs for integrations with telephony, web, SMS and solution is mobile responsive

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Survey behavior

Before you send out your survey, preview your survey design to see what your survey will look like to survey takers.


Primary Research

Do primary research and fill the subsequent gap and achieve objective

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Survey Quality

Quality audit on response for better and more accuracy

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Feedback Survey

Build your feedback survey templates and increase your CSAT and CX

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Multi lingual

The survey solution support most of the Indian languages

Market Research Survey

Do market research for company benefits

Identify the gaps in market & business
minimize investment risk
Get better understanding of Customer demands & needs
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spot new business opportunity & changing  market trends
Recognize new area of expansion & increase customer base
Assist businesses to stay ahead of competition
Making better & informed business decisions
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More informed & better goals for business

Market Research Flow

Solution is CAPI, CAWI and with telephony integration, will be CATI ready

01 / Segment & Bucketization

Segment your survey contact base based on defined parameters. Create bucket on defined rules

05 / Quality


Analysis the data and do the quality check of the responses for further increase the accuracy

02 / Campaign & template

Omni Channel campaign builder. Build campaign & design template based on sources

06 / Loyalty


To increase the response rate loyalty program has been created to give credit to the survey responders based on responses

03 / Build


Build the survey and tag the same with campaign and segment. No limit on question and parameters

07 / Analysis & Results

Reports & Dashboards to get complete view to analysis and formulate same to the conclusion

04 / Run Survey


Run omni channel survey campaigns, register responses to further analysis the data

08 / 360 unified view

Customer unified 360 view to give complete view and history of customer in one unified screen

Feedback Survey

Customer feedback survey to improve product and service and increase your customer experience

Measure Customer satisfaction by monitoring NPS and boost your Customer delight by listening to them and then taking actions

Customer Satisfaction

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Feedback throughout customer journey

Achieve customer delight by gathering the feedback periodically, department wise, product wise etc and get better understanding of customer needs 
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Empower your team with data

Create a customer centric environment by making your survey data available and empowering the teams to make better decisions

Do your research before product launch and increase your CSAT