Consolidate all your customer touch points


Challenges with traditional systems to solve

Multiple source of data creating multiple silos
No Customer consolidated view
Cross channel & consistent real time  data to empower employee
Strategy for customer retention & loyalty 
Time & cost pressure to implement multiple solutions

How Instaview365 CX Suite will solve the problem



Consolidated data source, eliminating the silos and empowering the organization with single consolidated data



Gathering proactive feedback from customers and organizations and their empowered employees working on the feedback to build customer satisfaction and reach to loyalty and increase retention

Intelligent Business Analysis

Centralized ML platform getting data and insight from all instaview365 modules and other solutions connecting to whole enterprise making organizations more intelligent, smart and now taking business actions through holistic data.


Unified view

Single Unified 360 view of customer across all channels and solution



Real time Monitoring, business rules, Target monitoring to make front office , back office and field force more accountable 

One Solution - One Implementation

One Solution to handle complete CX strategy will reduce time and cost for implementing multiple solutions

Organizational Empowerment

Cross Channel and sources consistent real Time customer data to handle all customer related issues, inquiries, feedbacks better



Unified customer view, knowledge FAQs, single platform for complete organization to build holistic CX view and help create customer first culture

Instaview365 Modules to strategize and achieve CX

Do market research through survey and get understanding of our market before launch
Run your campaigns and build your Inbound flow



Unified view to manage your Pipeline, Customer, Contact, & Quotation

service helpdesk

Automate your helpdesk and increase your customer delight

feedback survey

Periodic feedback from customer to increase loyalty and retention

debt collection

Speed up your debt collection with Intelligent outreach

Get the unified understanding of your customer. Explore the CX suite 

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